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Hi im Eden and I am a kind and funny girl. I love dogs and cheese stix. I have two dogs Jack and Tia, I have a little sis Erin, and a mom and dad. I am very happy to be in fifth grade, I love my teacher, and classmates.:):):):):):):):):):):):)
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Heres some riddles

Q why does a mother kangaroo hate rainy days A the kids have to play inside

Q A plane crashes were do you burry the survivors A You dont burry survivors thats just sick
Q How far can a bear run A As much as it can bare
Q Does england have a fourth of july A Yeah theres not a gap in the calender
Q What has four wheels and flies and is not a plane A garbage truck
Q Man/board A man over board
Q What do you get if you mix bambi and a ghost A bamboo